Entrance door

And there was the question of whether we are where we live, or whether we become what we own. This place, it’s old as the world. The action took its course in [insertname] City, a story that surrounds us, separate from the banality of circumstance, error, page not found. You know, it’s us, we inhabit that area, we are neighbors, the lights are lit at night. A world in each and every one of us, we’re a line trapped in the geometric panel of name tags on door bells, forming windows all parallel but crossing, that is it: the human is non-euclidian, multidimensional, multidemented.

Let’s speak of ancient grudge and new mutiny, and in case you fail to see the missing parts of the grid, put it on a map, ask Mr Internet for itinerary (they took great pictures of it) and mark down the streets that lead in all three hundred and sixty degrees.

Now that you stand in the entrance cage, you may have a peek, you voyeur: ring at the doorbells, press the button of each room of this panel.

Room 101, the vicar: male, 41, clean and empty sheets, stainless steel mirror, bathroom behind a dim-lit corridor. There’s no decoration, he’s got his soul inside of himself.

Room 107, Natasha Preskow: female, 22, cigarettes and a forgetful mind. Can often be found by the window, looking at the neon town, gazing deep into the approaching void.

Room 305, Gideon: male, 99, alone with all his things, thinks of himself as a still fish hiding in high grass, mouth gasping, closing, gasping. Barely moves at all. No kitchen, no bed, no bathroom, no living, no dying.

Room 411, Ismael: male, 55, lost kids, chants mathematical theorems, has an amazing wardrobe in all shades of grey and red.

Room 500, Mrs Marks: female, 72, wondrous and amazed, dazed and determined to lose her mind and all its former properties. Kitchen, 2459 dollars, a purse and a Saturday night special.

Room 206, XX: male,19, the black figure of jôruri, fluidly living in transparent space./部屋206号、XXー男性、19歳、浄瑠璃の黒い姿、透明な中間をすらりと住む。

Suitcase in a staircase, Edna, female 25: she has things to say, she’s been the witness of a murder.

Room 304, the killer: male, 33, dreamy and feverish, cultivates tombstones and small paper flowers.

Room 209, Jessica: female, 31, such a stranger, she’s foreign and does not belong. How did she end up here?

Erased room number, General Andov Daword: people do not know if it’s in the basement or in the ceiling. It’s empty but you can hear rummaging at night and screaming over the phone sometimes.

Room 408, Ivy: female, 28, blonde non-blonde with a defunct ear and small small dreams of rebellion.

The apartment outside the apartments: room ten hundred thousand. An approaching entity gravitates around the designated building. It’s formed a solar system, and although no one knows who’s revolving around who, some have a revolver.


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